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Your Dream Interpreted by Email

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Lee Van Zyl will use her awesome psychic ability to accurately interpret your dream. This will be delivered to your email address within 48 hours.


We all, from time to time, experience vivid dreams, which are hard to explain and sometimes leave a lingering impression of confused and muddled images that have no logical meaning. It is as though we have been watching or taking part in some strange fantasy, which makes no sense or has little to do with our everyday lives. In truth, dreams reflect more about ourselves than we realise. The dream world, however, disturbing, nonsensical or beautiful is in many ways a deeper reflection of our "reality" than we fully realise. In most cases vivid dreams reflect our deepest desires, fears, aspirations and frustrations. This inner or private "face" only emerges through the subconscious when we are asleep. We all appreciate that the outer or public "face" is different because of our conditioning within society. It can be argued then, that it is the private "face" which provides an accurate indication of our true self as it is not bound by any of society's rigid constraints, which we place on ourselves when awake.

Finding the key to our private self, by making sense of confusing or puzzling images and strange symbolism that make up the dream-state is no longer out of our grasp. Once we can understand the nature of our private thoughts as revealed within our dreams we can use this knowledge to our advantage. We can better understand our true strengths and weaknesses and better cope with our inner most thoughts, fears, frustrations and desires. It would be comforting to believe that we alone hold the key to our private or inner world, but that is not necessarily the case. Although dreams are personal, all of us dream about ideas and symbols that can be easily interpreted. So the secrets that our dream world hold can be revealed and interpreted by someone who is versed in the language of dream symbols and imagery, without any prior knowledge of the individual. Such a person is Lee Van Zyl. So if you have a question about a puzzling dream or want insight into a recurring dream good or bad then let Lee Van Zyl provide her amazing insight, advice and guidance, so that you can have your dream secrets revealed and use this knowledge to your advantage.