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If you have marvelled in the variety, beauty, shape and various colours that crystals take, then discovering that crystal gems and ores own a unique vibration all of their own that can have the most powerful and beneficial effect on our well-being. Crystal vibrations are subtle and lingering and owning your own set of crystals will make a difference not only in your sense of physical wellbeing, but on the more subtle aspects of mood, attitude and motivation. These subtle vibrations work within the auric field by imparting their virtues to layers of the aura and the energy centres in the body called chakras. You need not have any prior knowledge of crystal healing practice to gain huge benefit from crystal gems and ores. It is simply enough to have them on or near your person. Benefits may be enhanced and activated when holding them, playing with them and interacting with them, which promotes harmonious effects as the crystal vibrations infuse the aura with their beauty and virtue.

The crystal gems are presented in a beautiful velour pouch and are personalised to your needs. Perhaps you know someone who would benefit from the virtues held within these beautiful stones, as they would make a beautiful and special gift. Crystals are a representation of love and beauty and are Nature's way of reminding us who we are in relation to the Universe.

Crystal Descriptions

Crystals are supplied in packs according to the Life Category you choose. Here is a list of the crystals supplied in each pack. For detailed information about an individual crystal, please click on the crystal's name.


FIND TRUE LOVE: Rose Quartz , Amethyst , Aquamarine , Turquoise , Clear Quartz , Malachite , Obsidian

PROMOTE MARRIAGE: Citrine , Rutilated Quartz , Adventurine , Chrysocolla , Moonstone, Rose Quartz , Jasper

FAITHFULNESS: Amazonite , Obsidian , Flourite , Hematite , Carnelian , Agate , Rhodonite

RECONCILIATION: Clear Quartz , Sodalite , Amethyst , Smokey Quartz , Jasper , Rose Quartz , Tourmaline

REVIVE A RELATIONSHIP: Moonstone , Citrine , Aquamarine , Jasper , Malachite , Carnelian , Turquoise

DISCOURAGE UNWANTED ATTENTIONS: Clear Quartz , Amethyst , Obsidian , Sodalite , Malachite , Flourite , Amazonite

LETTING GO OF THE PAST: Obsidian , Smokey Quartz , Rutilated Quartz , Turquoise , Rose Quartz , Agate , Citrine


ATTRACT MONEY AND WEALTH: Hematite , Citrine , Agate , Carnelian , Jasper , Clear Quartz , Malachite

ABUNDANCE IN ALL THINGS: Amethyst , Citrine , Agate , Sodalite , Aquamarine , Chrysocolla , Rhodonite

LUCK AND SUCCESS: Amethyst , Citrine , Jasper , Rutilated Quartz , Adventurine , Turquoise , Smokey Quartz

FRUITFULNESS IN YOUR ENDEAVOURS: Rhodonite , Rutilated Quartz , Clear Quartz , Obsidian , Moonstone , Malachite , Flourite

SUCCESS IN INTERVIEWS AND EXAMS: Agate , Malachite , Sodalite , Amazonite , Adventurine , Obsidian , Amethyst

SECURE EMPLOYMENT: Smokey Quartz , Obsidian , Agate , Tourmaline , Citrine , Clear Quartz , Sodalite

HARMONIOUS WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Carnelian , Hematite , Turquoise , Tourmaline , Malachite , Rose Quartz , Amazonite


DISPERSE NEGATIVITY: Clear Quartz , Amethyst , Aquamarine , Smokey Quartz , Rose Quartz , Sodalite , Obsidian

CONNECT TO YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL: Amethyst , Amazonite , Jasper , Carnelian , Rutilated Quartz , Malachite , Clear Quartz

PURIFY AND BLESS A DWELLING: Clear Quartz , Turquoise , Obsidian , Smokey Quartz , Moonstone , Chrysocolla , Rhodonite

BRING PEACE TO A TROUBLED HOME: Rhodonite , Aquamarine , Agate , Jasper , Rutilated Quartz , Clear Quartz , Malachite

PROTECTION FROM INTRUDERS AND THIEVES: Clear Quartz , Smokey Quartz , Rutliated Quartz , Obsidian , Amethyst , Sodalite , Jasper

SAFE JOURNEYS: Clear Quartz , Chrysocolla , Jasper , Carnelian , Amazonite , Agate , Turquoise

HALT UNWANTED THOUGHTS OR NIGHTMARES: Moonstone , Obsidian , Clear Quartz , Tourmaline , Citrine , Rose Quartz , Rutilated Quartz


MATTERS OF LAW: Aquamarine , Jasper , Amethyst , Tourmaline , Malachite , Sodalite , Clear Quartz

COURAGE: Obsidian , Smokey Quartz , Hematite , Rhodonite , Moonstone , Agate, Adventurine

RECOVERY: Obsidian , Rutilated Quartz , Rose Quartz , Citrine , Sodalite , Aquamarine , Jasper

SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT: Amethyst , Clear Quartz , Carnelian , Amazonite , Moonstone , Obsidian , Turquoise

GOOD HEALTH: Clear Quartz , Rutilated Quartz , Agate , Chyrsocolla , Flourite , Malachite , Sodalite

BEREAVEMENT: Citrine , Amethyst , Malachite , Jasper , Tourmaline , Turquoise , Rutilated Quartz

BALANCE AND HARMONY: Obsidian , Clear Quartz , Jasper , Adventurine , Rose Quartz , Sodalite , Moonstone



Agate: A variety of chalcedony. Tones and strengthens body and mind. Imparts a sense of strength and courage. Facilitates ability to discern truth and accept circumstances. Grounding, but energetic it is a powerful healer. The crystal works well with all the chakras, whilst promoting a feeling of well being and optim ism.

Amazonite: A variety of feldspar. Soothes nervous system. Strengthens heart and physical body. Aids alignment of mental and etheric body. Brings joy and upliftment and defines creative expression. Facilitates clearer vision of one's own harmful tendencies, making them easier to release. Chakra: throat.

Amethyst: A variety of quartz. Strengthens endocrine and immune systems. Enhances right brain activity and pineal and pituitary glands. Powerful blood cleanser and energiser. Helps mental disorders. Purification and regeneration on all levels of consciousness. Transmutes one's lower natures into the more highly refined aspects of their higher potentials. Physical representative of the Violet Ray of alchemy and transformation. Cuts through illusion. Enhances psychic ability. Excellent for meditation. Aids channelling abilities. Calming with strong protective qualities. Healing, divine love, inspiration, and intuition. Chakra: Third eye, Crown

Aquamarine: A variety of beryl. Calms nerves, reduces fluid retention. Strengthens kidneys, liver, spleen, thyroid. Purifies the body. Enhances clarity of mind, aids creative self-expression. Physical, emotional, mental balancer. Helps banish fears and phobias. Excellent for meditation. Inspiration, peace, calmness, love. Chakra: throat, solar plexus.

Adventurine: A variety of quartz. Purifies mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Aids in releasing anxiety and fear. Stimulates muscle tissue. Strengthens blood. Promotes emotional tranquillity and positive attitude towards life. Brings one into alignment with the Centre of the Self. Independence, health and well being. Chakra: heart.

Carnelian: A variety of chalcedony. Very highly evolved mineral healer. Energises blood. Aids kidneys, lungs, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Aids tissue regeneration. Vitalises physical, emotional, mental bodies. Aligned physical and etheric states and harmonises them. Enhances attunement with the inner self. Facilitates concentration. Opens the heart. Warming, social, joyous. Chakra navel, solar plexus and heart.

Chrysocolla: A very good stone for women. Enhances metabolism. An excellent aid for feminine disorders. Aids in prevention of ulcers, soothes digestive problems and arthritic conditions. Strengthens the lungs and thyroid gland. Also alleviates fears, guilt and all types of stress and tension. Helps clear subconscious imbalances. Activates feminine qualities. Amplifies creative expression, power, communication, joy and promotes emotional balance. Chakra: Heart, throat

Citrine: A variety of quartz. Often referred to as the "Cuddle" quartz as it soothes the heart into forgiveness by allowing you to let go of old and negative thought patterns. It's good for the colon, liver, kidneys gallbladder and digestive system. Aiding tissue regeneration it also detoxifies the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Enhances the body's healing energies and diminishes self-destructive tendencies. Helps to raise self-esteem. Powerfully aligns one to the higher self. Attracts abundance, lightheartedness, cheerfulness and hope. Warming and energising. Chakra: navel and crown.

Fluorite: Strengthens teeth and bones. Improves absorption of vital nutrients. Beneficial for blood vessels and spleen. Grounds excess energy. Excellent for the advancement of mind, greater concentration and meditation. Helps one to grasp higher and more abstract concepts and facilitates inter-dimensional communication. Powerful healer and works with the all the chakras.

Hematite: Has a very positive effect on the bloodstream. Activates the spleen and improves a sluggish metabolism. Increases resistance to stress and tension. Helps to circulate oxygen throughout the body. Strengthens physical and etheric bodies. Energising and vitalising, it also enhances personal magnetism and charisma, optimism, will, courage. Slightly grounding and a powerful stone for those who are attracted to it's properties. Chakra: root, solar plexus and third eye.

Jasper: A variety of chalcedony. Strengthens all the internal organs and is a powerful influence on the physical body. Aids in the recovery of physical fitness by aiding the flow of energy throughout. It is subtly grounding and promotes awareness through higher understanding and wisdom. Chakra: crown, heart, navel, and root.

Malachite: Aids the function of the pancreas and spleen whilst reducing stress and tension. Aids in tissue regeneration, circulation, and will assist in a good night's sleep. An excellent balancer emotionally by soothing the heart. Beneficial the pituitary and pineal glands and can help to reveal unconscious blocks. Vitalising for body and mind. Chakra third eye, heart

Moonstone: Like Chrysocolla, this is a very feminine stone, bringing ease to feminine conditions and kindred disorders. It aids the birthing process and is a wonderful stone promoting fertility and child bearing. It has a healing affinity with the stomach and will unlock the lymphatic system helping the body to detoxify. It relieves stress and anxiety and balances emotional concerns. It aids in a more flexible attitude and helps to calm one in an emotionally charged situation. Chakra heart, navel, root

Obsidian: "Black Velvet" has subtle male energies that connect mind and emotions. Grounds spiritual energy to the physical plane and absorbs and disperses negativity. Reduces all types of stress and releases unconscious blocks, bringing an understanding, wisdom and love to you. A very powerful healer to those attuned with it. Chakra: root

Clear Quartz: "The all-singing, all-dancing crystal" Good for just about everything. Mind, body, soul. This crystal disperses all negativity in the environment and in your own energy field. Especially good if you work on computers, as it neutralises the electro-magnetic energies created by them, which can have an disturbing effect of the aura. It amplifies, activates, contains and transmits energy. An excellent aid to healing and a good friend to meditators, this crystal enhances communication with the Higher Self. Chakra: Crown, third eye, and throat

Smokey Quartz: Carries the same properties as clear quartz in its virtue, but has a strengthening effect on the adrenal glands and internal organs. It increases fertility and balances sexual energies. Aids in depression as it has a mildly relaxing and sedative effect. It dissipates unconscious blocks on all levels and initiates the subtle movement of energy through the whole body. It also enhances dream awareness and channelling capabilities. Chakras: root, navel, and solar plexus.

Rose Quartz: The "Heart Stone" carries the same properties as clear quartz, but is specific in it's virtue by aiding one to clear stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy. It eases sexual and emotional imbalance by stroking the heart into forgiveness and compassion. Reduces stress and tension and cools a hot temper. It is wonderful for raising self-esteem confidence and creativity. Chakra: heart

Rutilated Quartz: Again this stone carries all the special properties of clear quartz and then some! This crystal gem enhances the entire life force and regenerates tissue throughout the body. Stimulates all brain functions easing any depressive moods by facilitating inspiration. Latent psychic aspects such as clairvoyance can be emphasised when working with this crystal to achieve communication with the higher self and spirit guides. Transmutes negativity into creativity and cuts through any physical, emotional or mental blockages. Chakra: all

Rhodonite: Particularly effective for the central nervous system, thyroid gland, body reflexes and immune system. Recharges and re-aligns the immune system by stimulating it. Improves memory and intellectual power whilst reducing stress and calming the mind. Aligns root and heart chakras for bringing love into action and manifestation. Promotes confidence and self-esteem whilst uplifting the energy levels throughout the body. It also restores understanding and strength through vulnerability. Chakra: heart, root

Sodalite: Balances the endocrine system, strengthens the metabolism and lymphatic systems as well whilst also balancing the male/female polarities. Enhancing greater understanding it alleviates any fears and calms and clears the mind. Slightly sedative and grounding it helps to cut through illusions bringing clarity and truth. Enables clear communication and creative expression in professional pursuits. Chakra: throat, third eye.

Tourmaline: This stone recharges the endocrine system and is a good aid for balancing irregular sleep patterns. Strengthens and revitalises the mind and body and aligns the subtle bodies. Dispels fear and negative conditions and has a strong protective property. Concentration and inspiration will be manifested as well as understanding and emotional sensitivity and compassion. A powerful healer and highly charged the stone has good effect on all chakras.

Turquoise: Tones and strengthens the entire body, whilst assisting tissue regeneration. Lungs, respiratory system and circulation are particularly enhanced with the crystal. Blood and the circulation system is assisted as well as the nervous system. This stone enhances meditative practice and creative expression aiding peace of mind, emotional balance, communication, friendship and loyalty. Chakra: throat