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Lee Van Zyl's Crystal Oracle

Lee Van Zyl has been a practising clairvoyant Life Advisor and teacher for over 25 years and has enjoyed tremendous success since the launch of the Crystal Oracle in 1992, and for the last 20 years Lee has offered her unique gifts to all those who seek her advice and counsel.

Lee Van Zyl is amongst the top in her profession, a uniquely gifted psychic Life Advisor, Numerologist, Tarot Expert and Academic. Lee has spent many years studying and perfecting her knowledge and development within the Mysteries. Lee is also the only psychic in Europe to read with the Sangoma Bones (also known as the Africa Stones) and was taught this ancient African form of divination throughout her childhood in Zambia, central Africa.

Not only does she offer personal consultations, but is also an advisor to corporate business both in the private and public sectors.

Lee has finished re-writing the interpretations of the Classical Tarot entitled "Tarot Master" which will be available shortly. Her modern interpretation of the cards will bring a new, fresh and unique perspective to the Tarot system whereby making it more accurate and accessible to everyone. Lee has also developed a brand new and unique Numerology Forecasting System called “The Code” and since 2008 The Code has been exclusively aired on Psychic Today TV SKY Channel 886, where Lee has been appointed as one of the Channel’s resident Studio psychics.

So, if you have any concerns for the future or personal questions relating to any specific area of your life - why not ask Lee.

Just choose what type of reading you would like and let Lee Van Zyl’s awesome psychic ability help you today.

With over 25 years of experience Lee is celebrated for her in-depth accuracy, detail and specific validations when undertaking her readings.

Psychics are now perfectly acceptable and far from being seen as cranks and charlatans, those with special powers are being sought out by the rich and famous for advice and guidance and Lee is no exception. Her visitor's book reads like a "Who's Who" proving that Lee is simply the best. Click here to look at what some of her clients think of her work.

You can contact Lee at:

7 Abbeyfields Close
Park Royal,
NW10 7EF

Telephone: 0203 581 5523 mobile: 07946 632231